Sandpoint is the Northern most town on the West coast of Garn. It lies near a particularly dangerous part of the Northern Mtns full of Trols, Ogres, Goblins, Frost Giants, Bugbears and the like. Fortunately Sandpoint is protected in part by the Turandarok River. The river is relatively shallow near town but very swift and wide. 2 bridges have been built to cross it but they are guarded and can be raised if need be. This keeps creatures from the mountains away fairly efficiently. In the winter however, things change. With the deep cold comes the freezing of the river and thus allowing passage across it. During this time a small contingent of volunteers from the ranks of Calendrunes armies comes north to stay for the winter. It is often the seediest and nastiest of the soldiers that come as it has become well known that Sandpoint is a haven for gambling, drinking and womanizing. The soldiers are given free food and lodgings during their stay as well which sits well with them naturally. The townsfolk put up with it as its this or nothing and they know it. As such, they bite their lips and keep quiet and come spring they are finally rid of them when they return to Calendrune.

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The Winter Beast